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Cashews Or Walnuts?

Gourmet Baklava

Gourmet Baklava

Baklava is a layered pastry dessert made up of filo pastry, filled... 

Meet Chef Abe

Everything started with a dream. Abe Sharkh attended Iowa State University where he studied Mechanical Engineering and achieved a Bachelor's degree. Upon completing his studies, he went on to work as a quality manufacturing engineer, but his passion kept calling. Abe took the risk of pursuing his dreams and started Macaron Club where he engineered the perfect combination of flavors to produce a luxurious and an unforgettable dessert experience. 

The Des Moines Experience

Macaron Club is based in Des Moines, Iowa. We are growing with our community and partnering with local businesses to bring the best desserts to the Des Moines experience.

  • Mauree H.

    Now let me be clear. If you try this, you won’t be able to happily eat baklava anywhere else again. It just isn’t the same. Currently we basically have baklava oozing from our pores and couldn’t be happier about it


  • Cinda L.

    I ordered 4 flavors of macarons and they were absolutely amazing! A huge hit at Thanksgiving for some fun dessert snacks!! Thank you! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Ali M.

    Macarons are delicious!!! love the Salted Caramel & always looking forward to try the new flavors. Their Baklava is my personal fav so I'm always lookin’ forward to special Menu offers on special occasions!! 😋


  • Jeanna M.

    So happy with my order of macarons - variety pack! They are beautiful and delicious. The owner is such a nice person too! I forgot to pick up on Dec 23rd. No problem they said, come on over on Dec 24th. To top it off they gave me a free baklava tray which is outstanding. Honestly the best I’ve had. Highly recommend these sweet business owners and the excellent product they provide!


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